Joshua Shoemaker

Software Engineer

with web technologies

Private Tutoring

I offer private, remote, one-on-one tutoring for developers at various levels in their journey. Whether starting our in web development or already in the professional sphere, I will offer you guidance on proper, modern software development in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I focus on the ethics of software development, using the web platform to make software that follows historically proven professional methods, and gaining independent problem solving skills.

Custom Software

My team and I have developed highly complex and reliable software for large corporations and government agencies. I specialize in creating efficient web applications and database design. My team has capacity to be platform agnostic. If your business problem requires a solution for either web, mobile, desktop, or cloud automation we have you covered at competitive rates.

My Content

I write various opinion pieces on about the software consulting business and my experiences as a senior developer in the field. Come check it out, they aren't too long and have a good amount of value!